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The Hedgehog's Castle

Mika Sasaki

  • Price: ¥1890
  • Code: 9114
  • Size: 240×200 (80P)
  • ISBN: 978-4-434-14229-1

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ハリネズミカメラの生みの親、佐々木美香が2冊同時に刊行した絵本の1冊がこれ。ほんわりし た「私とハリネズミ」と違って、こちらは何処かカフカと宮沢賢治の小説をミックスしたよう なシュールな作品。まっすぐに進むはりねずみ、彼は見つからない城をさがして進む。「横に 超える心」がテーマです。

One of two illustrated books simultaneously published by Mika Sasaki, the designer who brought into being the Harinezumi Camera. Differing from the warm, fuzzy story of "The Hedgehog and I", this picture-book has a surreal air about it, reminiscent of Kafka, or Kenji Miyazawa. The hedgehog in question walks and walks, in search of castle he will never find. A book about spiritually progressing, sideways.

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