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Life as a Golden Half

Life as a Golden Half


  • Price: ¥2940
  • Code: 9101
  • Size: 257 x 182 (320P)
  • ISBN: 978-4-434-11222-5

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"Half" (mixed-race) models are icons for the majority of Japanese girls. They also are professionals, who have come to define the face of "youth". They have at least two languages and flags behind them, and know the rapture to be found in a 100th of a second. On top of that, they have a wonderful knack for scooping up that which drips from the glossy pages of fashion magazines and turning it into an artform. Face it - photos from girls like that must be good! The photos in this book are all the work of the girls featured, and represent a variant of "fashion magazine" we wanted to approach.

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